Day 2 in Singapore


So today was a bit of an adventure.  SAS 1st- sorry guys this is the best picture of the lot.  There were quite a few NHS members present so I couldn’t get them all in the picture.  It was great to see them and meet Christina Popowski the NHS sponsor.  They have been great to H & H and came through for us when we had some financial difficulties last year.  Hopefully I helped inspire them to keep going!

I headed onto the MRT- train downtown.  For those of you familiar with Singapore there are a lot more MRT lines now which makes it easier to get around and less expensive.  It reminds me a bit of Paris as there is a lot of walking between train lines.  I forgot just how hot and humid it can be but I missed the rain which usually hits in the afternoons.  Good thing as I forgot my umbrella.  Tonight I am meeting a few more potential volunteers at the Terror Club-  There is a story behind that name.  I believe it used to be a Kiwi base at one time now it is home to the US Navy.

I wanted to tell you about a super book I just read written by a Cambodian who was 18 during the Pol Pot times.  He tells the story of the poor in the rural villages and the tremendous changes in their lifestyle- broken trust and their loss of community.  He is Meas Nee and the book is Towards Restoring Life.  I will post it on the link page.  Very helpful for NGO’s working in the rural areas.  He lives in Battambang and his NGO is Krom Akphiwat Phum (the group to develop the village).  I am hopeful that I may be able to meet him while I am there.