Goodbyes & Village walk

I find it always difficult to say goodbye.  Especially to such special people.  Most of the children left early today with parents after our party ended around 1pm.  We gave and got lots of hugs! There are some children that stay longer due to their parent’s work schedule.  Interestingly they are picked up with all modes of transport- motos, bikes, walking, no cars or tuk tuks usually.  They do pile on the bikes just like the motos.  Amazing to me how they all stay on. It is not so easy riding a bike on these dirty bumpy roads or non roads.


We had occasion to go into the village closest to the Center where Chhai and Net live.  I will include some pictures here.  On the outskirts of town are a series of plots (land parcels) all linked together.  They grow mushrooms, cucumbers, squash, peanuts, long beans, and there are many dormant rice fields.  The water is taken up by 2 watering cans on a pole balanced across the farmers shoulders from a pond and then distributed to the field.  A laborious process especially in the late morning heat.  I brushed against a bush and got into ants-  ouch they bite.  I did quite a bit of jumping about before I was free of them. We met Chhai’s mother and some of the other families.  We brought biscuits to distribute.  I like to go to see our families whenever I come.  I can see where and how they live and the difficulties they face.  I believe I already told you that Chhai gets up at 1am to check and harvest the mushrooms to take to market before she gets to school to teach.  Farming is usually not enough to support a family and is dependent on the weather.  This is one of the reasons I think beekeeping would be good here-  add another source of income.  The people are lovely -very polite and appreciative.DSC_0387DSC_0388DSC_0414DSC_0427DSC_0424DSC_0455DSC_0442DSC_0459DSC_0398DSC_0444