Hearts and Hands 2001 Newsletter

Our first Cambodian Medical Mission took place August 15- 19, 2001.  After much advance preparation we were finally on our way.  We split into 2 medical teams.

The first team headed to Siem Reap to work in cooperation with Angkor Hospital for Children under the administration of Jon Morgan.    This team headed by Dr. Foo Chee Liam consisted of Dr. Phua Kong Boo, Dr. Lu Kuo-Fan Mark, Dr Anette Sundfor Jacobsen, Dr. Tan Poh Ann Anne, Ms. Michelle Gran Aberin, Dr. Tan Geok Mui, and Mr. Justin Kendrick. They performed 10 cases.  These included an emergency laparotomy for ileal perforation on a 10 year old child that had fallen from a tree, 3 cleft lip repairs and a cleft palate repair, 2 burn contracture releases, an excision of a lipoma and minithoracotomy for empyema.  Dr. Tan also was able to assist the radiology department with instruction in the use of the ultrasound machine. The team was able to visit and distribute goods to an orphanage associated with the hospital, Orphanage Les Enfants D’Angkor as well as tour the magnificent Angkor temple ruins.

A second team headed to the capital city of Phnom Penh.  There we worked with Dr. Veng Thai, Director of the Municipal Health Department and Dr. Say Sengly, Director of Municipal Hospital.  We closely partnered with Dr. Graham Gumley, Director of King Sihanouk Hospital Center of HOPE, and his assistant Sotia Hok.  To whom we owe much gratitude for all they did to help facilitate this project.

This team was headed by Dr. Fong Poh Him, and consisted of Dr. Lim Tan Soo Kim, Dr. Ling Sing Yew, Dr. Chong Jin Long, Dr. Ng Bee Koon, Mr. Chin Kian Hee, Ms. Chin Floju, Ms. Chin Flora, Ms. Chua Su Yin, Ms Tan Suat Lay, Mr. Suradi bin Yusoop, Mrs. Tan Sheau Yen Helen, Ms. Iris Tan , Ivey Peterson and Christine Wagner. Twenty-three surgeries were performed in Municipal Hospitals new OR’s including cleft lip repairs, a burn scar contracture release, surgical scar revisions, a syndactaly separation and the removal of minor skin tumors.  The medical team was able to partner with the Cambodian surgeons and nurses, establish a working relationship and provide an opportunity for them to improve their skills.  We also were able to donate medicine and equipment for the hospitals future use.

An additional team headed by Dr. Lim Tan Soo Kim, was able to visit 4 area orphanages, SFODA, Nutrition Center, Sok Sabay, and Sunrise Children’s Village..  Dr. Phua Kong Boo was able to deliver medicine and perform some medical examinations as well.  We were able to deliver clothes, shoes, biscuits, toys, books, school supplies, and vitamins as well as the medicines.  Mr. Chin kept the children entertained with his magic tricks. The children enjoyed the attention and gifts they received from their Singaporean visitors and we in turn enjoyed the musical and dance performance Sok Sabay and Sunrise Children’s Village gave us. We were able to bring 35 boxes with us into Phnom Penh, 20 of which contained goods for the orphanages.  We would like to thank our donors for their generosity and caring spirit.  They have brightened the lives of many Khmer children and given them hope.

Mr. Peter Loh, Triple K. Enterprise, Batu Pahat (T-shirts), Jecki Pharmacy, Johor Bahru (medicine and vitamins), Dr. Seah Hood Paw, Johor Bahru (medicine), Mr. and Mrs. Yong Kwai Fatt, Singapore ($500, for medicine), Mr. Lim Shin Pang and Mr. Lim Shin Weng, Johor Bahru ($500, sutures), Highway Motor Workshop, Johor Bahru (clothing and shoes), Namya Rubber and Plastic Manufacturer (slippers), Silk Air (extra baggage allowance for transport of 35 boxes of goods), Johnson and Johnson (medical testing supplies), Oral B (toothbrushes), Gilette (toothpaste), Khong Guan B