Last few things before leaving

Remember that post about cleaning?  Well here are my pictures to prove that we got it right!!  Chhai, Eing, Net, and Maroda got going after the children left and tackled the floors in the classroom.  They used bleach, detergent and scrub brushes with brooms and the new mops and went to work.  They swept, hosed down the floors, scrubbed and washed.  I could finally see that one of the squares was white.  We have yet to devise a way of keeping them clean during the day but at least they will be scrubbed once a week and we all now know what the floors look like clean.  Hurrah!

I was kicked out so went to play with the children still left at the center.  One of the younger boys “forgot” to use the toilet so it was bath time. He was not having it so I had to chase him around put him under my arm and get him to the bath area.  Of course he could not put on his clothes again so I found some new clean ones that were from our donated pile.  He was very picky about his shirt-  we had a laugh as he picked the brightest color but tightest one.  I guess I started something because all the other children also came for a bath and of course got new clothes.  The teachers came in and started playing with one of our donated baby toys-  turned it into a gambling game of chance!!  I knew they had imagination.  They are young and playful- perfect as preschool teachers if they used their imagination and creativity.  I really wish I could stay for a much longer time.  We all bonded well and I think they are ready to adapt their teaching using some of our methods.


A few more pictures from the party.  Participation from the kids with the musicians-  most liked the drum best?!