Please Donate- gofundme

Hello All

– Hearts and Hands has been the sole support of Sobbhana Day Care Center for 10 years now.  It has been a joy to work with the children and the teachers and staff.  It is fun to see the children’s smiling faces and follow the progress of the preschool as the teachers expand their knowledge and skills.  Our parents understand better the importance of education in their children’s lives, the children are better prepared for primary school and they tend to stay in school longer than their peers who have not had the advantage of attending preschool here.  We have a garden that supplies some of the vegetables and fruit we use for meals and some of our parents have taken part in our literacy program.  There are many things we wish to add to our program. As Director I want to continue to see the Center grow, improve, and thrive.  Unfortunately at this moment we are facing a financial crisis.  We have put together a gofundme – crowd funding site for Sobbhana.  This is the link   Please look through our website and our Facebook page: Sobbhana Daycare Center that Sobbhana’s Director, Chamroeun has put together.  You can see our kids, our staff, facility and garden.  Consider helping us with a donation- any amount is appreciated!

Thank you-  Chris