Singapore again….



Before leaving I would like to say something about our hotel Phka Villa in Battambang ( It was a lovely stay.  We each had our own bungalow surrounding the pool.  Breakfast was included and it was great.  The staff was very friendly and helpful- got us a tuk tuk everyday and procured the circus tickets for us.  To my amazement the internet was fast and consistent which enabled me to blog everyday in my room -which was air conditioned (my Western body loved it after sweating all day)  Our stay was set up by Pisey- thank you!

Barb & I were fortunate enough to secure a ride to Phnom Penh with Pisey and her group of ladies and children bound for Women’s Day Celebration. Pisey is Sotia’s wife.  We have been friends for almost 10 years.  It was a very peaceful ride with Pisey leading and the children and women singing songs of praise.  The most touching was amazing grace sung in Khmer!  We made it to the airport early despite horrendous traffic around the city and a major traffic jam due to construction.  I was truly surprised to see again all modes of transport locked in battle to pass each other on one lane instead of 2.  There was a wait of about 20min. although there were some that chose to go against traffic?  We had some close calls passing vehicles- same rules apply as for the bamboo train in Battambang.  If the vehicle is bigger it is your turn to back down- whew.  Next trip I will try the road to Siem Reap. The flight was unevenful and we passed the kg test so no extra fees!

We got to Singapore at 6pm.  We taxied to Sembawang and then freshened up and went to dinner with some friends from the Navy days.  Interesting went to a “biker bar” in Sembawang.  Mostly American food- crowded with great atmosphere.  My last day Sunday I went to the Catholic mass at the Navy Chapel and spoke to the congregation about Hearts & Hands- thanked them for their prior donation.  Then took the MRT to City Hall by Raffles.  I wanted to see the hotel but got turned around and found a bunch of new things by the Marina- the pictures you see here.  I met with 4 Singaporeans outside of McDonalds.  I have been communicating with Kwong Hong for awhile.  He is a student at the local University.  They are working together and hopefully are interested in helping H & H!!!  It was a 3 hour meeting and as the saying goes the discussion goes on…  I will have more to say in the future.