Singapore- Day 1

I made it after 22 hours in the air arrived at 2am.  Whew- other than spilling an entire glass of wine all over myself on the 13 hour flight I have no complaints except for the pain in my knees after being squished for so long.  It is a good thing I am not tall.  It is so good to be back here!  I am staying in Sembawang with Barbara Rinehart.  She has been with H & H for a long time and is a great resource for us here.  Unfortunately she is moving soon so part of my work here is to find a volunteer to keep us going in Singapore.

It is hot and humid a welcome change for me as it is freezing in Atlanta- we even had some snow over the weekend.  This is good preparation for Cambodia as March and April are the hottest months there.  I remember my clothes being soaked with sweat after just a few hours.  No AC except in hotels.  We have fans at the Center and the children will take 2 baths a day to cool down this time of year.

So today is a pre work day.  I swam to get my legs and arms moving again and got myself a sim card for the phone I borrowed. Barbara and I will sort through all the donations we got from Blessings in a Bag, friends, and neighbors here in Singapore.  I brought an entire suitcase of great stuff I found from Goodwill plus toothbrushes and tooth paste from Dr Silvan my dentist (thank you!)  We had to book extra bags for our flight to Cambodia and I hope 4 will be enough.  Tomorrow I will give a presentation to the National Honor Society students at Singapore American School.  They have supported us for 6 years.  It will be exciting to see them- hopefully I will get lots of questions.  I would love to take a group with me on my next trip.  Then in the evening I speak to the Sembawang Spouses Assoc.  In between there will be lots of time for food-  nasi goreng, pineapple fried rice, chicken rice, spicy stingray- yum. My fondest memories of Singapore are eating and of course my wonderful Singaporean friends.  I will be seeing Dr Fong on Wed.  I first approached him 10 years ago to do a medical mission in Cambodia- he is a true humanitarian and still liasons with Hope hospital in Phnom Penh.